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We're a Team of
Problem Solvers
and Day Makers
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Front End
Typescript / React / Tailwind
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Lucas Dale
Software Engineer
"We thrive in a collaborative environment as front-end engineers at Datably. We work closely with our UI/UX engineers and back-end engineers to ensure pixel-perfect alignment between the design delivered to our partners and the final product. We understand the importance of delivering software that is not only functional but also dependable in production environments. We take a domain-driven design and test-driven design approach to coding the front end that ensures the projects we work on are reliable and scalable."
Back End
C#/.NET Core / EF / SQL
Image of man wearing light blue collared shirt with deep blue blazer smiling
Ethan Chen
Software Engineer
"At Datably, we prioritize domain-driven design to guide our team and enhance collaboration with our partners. Embracing this methodology, we effortlessly manage and retrieve data, develop custom-made solutions to optimize our clients' processes, and empower them to concentrate on their passions."
Figma / Adobe Suite / Hand-drawn Wireframes
Image of mustachioed man smiling
Zach Dugger
UI / UX Engineer
"Every Datably project starts with design. Our iterative process incorporates client feedback every step of the way, ensuring that each unique problem has a custom and optimized solution. Our design team demonstrates our attention to detail from the start with exquisite wireframes."

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